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Andy Grammer admits he “broke down pretty hard” during the pandemic

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Lester Cohen/Getty Images for BMG

Andy Grammer is known for his positive outlook on life, but the “Honey, I’m Good” singer admits the pandemic deeply affected his mental health.

Speaking to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Andy explained how difficult it was for him to stay positive over the past few years.  “I went down real hard and got into therapy, and that’s what brought me around,” he confessed.  “I wasn’t super positive. I broke down pretty hard.”

Andy’s mental health has improved since and now he’s using that past experience to “inform some of my art” and better connect with fans.  “I still come at it from a place where I think we’re here on Earth to grow,” he said of his songwriting process. “When terrible things happen, at the end of the day, no matter what, that’s a heavier weight in the gym that you’re supposed to lift. There’s always something that comes out of it.”

Speaking of how he creates his music, Andy says he starts with the lyrics first and builds his song around them.  “When lyrics are the main focus, I think it should work on a guitar. When the melody and the lyrics are good enough, then I’m really open to a lot of different ways to present it,” he detailed. “Until the lyrics and the melody are good, I don’t care about anything else.”

Andy has been open that he doesn’t care about making the next radio hit because his main objective is to make people feel something through his music.  He said that mentality developed when he was busking on the streets of Los Angeles, before he was discovered.

“It set the bar at the very beginning of my career really high. I bring that level of intensity into most things,” said Andy. 

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