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Amid pandemic, Lady Gaga advises fans, "Grab that bravery" and "don't forget to move"

Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, Lady Gaga says self-care is the most important thing people can do to ward off mental health issues.

Speaking to USA Today, Gaga explains that people are feeling “an epic sense of powerlessness over what’s happening in the world,” adding, “We’ve encountered a super virus that is epic in its disastrous proportions, so that feeling of powerlessness in some ways is, I think, something that we all share.”

To deal with that powerlessness, Gaga says, “It’s been really important to me that I continue to move my body. It’s really important for my mental health.”

“I mostly take walks, and…I wear my mask, and I go on hikes,” she says, adding that she used to “really nervous” about hiking because of her chronic pain, but has overcome those fears.

“I found during COVID that… you can grab the courage that’s happening in the universe and grab that bravery and put it right inside yourself and be fearless,” she explained. 

“I really encourage people to move their bodies and be in the world,” she notes. “Wear masks, stay safe, but don’t forget to move. Because when your energy’s stagnant like that, it really can lead to mental health problems.”

The singer adds that in addition to exercising, she believes drinking water, eating healthy and “self-care” are  “things that we have to make sure that we’re doing to take care of our minds.”

Meanwhile, Gaga is appearing in a new PSA for the International WELL Building Institute’s WELL Health-Safety Rating, which is given to businesses and spaces that have met special health and safety standards amid COVID-19.  She tells USA Today that the pandemic has “really mobilized me to work on how I can help the world.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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