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America’s Most Spoiled Dog Breeds

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Do you own an Australian Shepard, Border Collie or a Corgi? According to a new survey, you might just own America’s most spoiled dog.

A poll of 2,000 US dog owners revealed 60% swear they own the “world’s most spoiled dog” and two-thirds of them have a herding dog.

Non-sporting dogs like Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Shiba Inus came in second place for the nation’s most luxuriated breeds, earning 64% of the vote. And in third place with 59% are terrier breeds like Russell terriers, Scottish Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers.

Similarly, 79% of herding dog owners claimed their dogs live like royalty at home, tying with runner-ups sporting (79%) and terrier (79%) breeds.

An overwhelming majority (96%) said they spoil their pets in a wide variety of ways and 37% treat their dogs so well, they’d take the chance to switch bodies with their pups for a day if they could.

When asked what they would do for that day, respondents said they’d probably play all day long (47%), sleep in until non (42%) and sleep where they usually wouldn’t be allowed to (37%).

People’s penChant for giving their dogs the life of luxury can be explained by four in five who treat and talk to their dogs as if they were human. Many talk to them as if they were children (32%), babies (18%) or like another adult (18%).

One in four (28%) herding dog owners love to take their dogs with them on vacation and 26% of working dogs get treated to meals being prepared by hand by their owners.

“Most of us will make the claim our dog is ‘the’ most spoiled dog, but there’s a clear trend pointing towards smaller breeds as being the most doted on,” said Yvethe Tyszka, vice president of marketing at Solid Gold. “Regardless of size or breed, all dog owners agree their pups deserve the best with delicious treats, walks, and all of our attention.”

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