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Amazon Makes You an Offer You Can’t Refuse?

Amazon offering its employees $10G and 3 months pay to quit?  Spoiler alert:  It’s LEGIT.  Buuuuuuut, like all things, weigh your options first.

So basically you tack the title of small business owner on yourself… but you’re taking on all the risk that comes with that.  Plus the added wear and tear on your vehicle(s).  Whenever an offer like this comes along an alarm should go off.  Companies never make changes like this unless it’s to THEIR benefit.

My dad used to tell me stories of older family members who had left home to work for coal mines in the south.  The company would build a town around the coal mine and soon you would “owe your soul to the company store”.  Seems, to me anyway,  like Amazon has found a better way to package/market that.

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