Credit: Vimeo/Sound Transit

Amazing! A tunnel, under Seattle, with a passenger train going through it, and it works!

Imagine going from Westlake Center in downtown Seattle, to Capitol Hill, to the University of Washington, in less than 8 minutes — no traffic delays, no bridge openings to slow you down, no rush hour gridlock, no lane closures due to road construction. It’s not a dream — it’s happening!

This new 3-minute video from Sound Transit shows a train zooming through the tunnel from deserted station to station at 55 miles an hour. It’s the Capitol Hill-to-UW phase of the 3.1-mile rail line between Westlake and the new station next to Husky Stadium. They’re already testing the trains and the tunnel; sometime early next year you’ll be able to actually ride it.

This part of our light rail system will open ahead of schedule ant $150 million below budget. Then, later next year, the southern spur, from SeaTac Airport south to a new Angle Lake Station. And a little farther out, in 2021, the line will push northward to Northgate, and a couple of years after that, up to Lynnwood and east to Bellevue. Finally!

Read more in this Seattle Times story.

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