the simpsons predict the future
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Alright Simpsons, we believe!

It sounds so silly to quote the Simpsons predictions like Matt Groening is some sort of modern-day Nostradamus, but, if you haven’t been paying attention, it might be time to start!

The latest Simpsons prediction that could prove to be truth comes from the World Cup. In 1997 The Simpsons featured Portgal vs Mexico in a soccer game to determine the greatest nation on Earth and here, in 2018, Portugal and Mexico could be on the path to playing in that game in real life! The two countries are on a crash course to face each other in the World Cup finals if all the stars line up right. Now, before you go poo-pooing  this, let’s take a look at some of the biggest predictions they got right

Siegfried & Roy’s Tiger Attack– Predicted in 1993, came true in 2003

Autocorrect Fails– Predicted in 1994, came true in 2007

Facetime– Predicted in 1995, came true in 2010

Faulty Voter Machines– Predicted in 2008, came true in 2012

The God Particle– Predicted in 1998, came true in 2012

NSA Spying Scandal– Predicted in 2007, came true in 2013

Smartwatches– Predicted in 1995, came true in 2014

America’s Ebola Outbreak– Predicted in 1997, came true in 2014

FIFA’s Corruption Scandal– Predicted in 2014, came true in 2015

Greece’s Debt Default– Predicted in 2012, came true in 2015

Bengt Holmström wins The Nobel Prize– Predicted in 2010, came true in 2016

President Donald Trump– Predicted in 2000, came true in 2016

Lady Gaga’s halftime show– Predicted in 2012, came true in 2017

Disney’s Fox Takeover– Predicted in 1998, came true in 2017

Team USA’s Olympic Curling Win– Predicted in 2010, came true in 2018




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