Airport Pianist Gets Noticed by an Influencer

African-american Man Playing Piano Indoors, Above View. Talented
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Tonee “Valentine” Carter plays the piano in Terminal A, in one of the world’s busiest airports.

Author and motivational speaker, Carlos Whittaker, was on an hour-long layover to Nashville

when he noticed the 66-year-old pianist “playing his heart out.”

Whittaker pulled his phone out and

began recording him for his more than 170,000 Instagram followers.

Whittaker struck up a conversation with Carter.

The motivational speaker asked the pianist if he had hope?

He said not really.

Of course, that changed.”

In a matter of minutes, Whittaker’s followers and strangers began sending money through cash apps,

which accumulated over $10,000 in just half an hour.

In two days, the amount topped $61,000.

“I was having a typical day at work, and now, I’ve been blessed by this man and his followers.”

Carter shared with Whittaker that he receives nightly

dialysis treatment for kidney disease.

Despite his hours-long, daily treatment,

Carter said that he had it much better than others.

Carter plays the piano for approximately 16 hours per week.

And says “I play for one person like I play for 300. It doesn’t matter.”

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