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AI Now Predicting Your Future

Fortune Cookies With A Fortune Sticking Out Of The One In Front.
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Who doesn’t love a good fortune in a fortune cookie?

Artificial intelligence programs are continuously evolving, sometimes to the point where it can be difficult to tell the difference between human and machine. If used dishonestly, this could be a bad thing, but to streamline simple and repetitive tasks such as writing fortune cookie messages, it could be a helpful tool. This is especially true for a company as large as OpenFortune, which supplies fortune cookies throughout the United States to nearly 50,000 restaurants.  OpenFortune will be using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to produce the fortunes meant to predict the future for so many. Additionally, this technology will be able to originate a larger number of messages than typically found in fortune cookies created the old-fashioned way.

Before, some of OpenFortune’s messages were written by co-founder Matt Williams. Per Business Insider, Williams would look to his personal life to decide what fortunes customers would most like to read. “I think a lot of the emotionality in fortune cookies is the same: Your life is short; go do that thing; apply for that job; go ask that girl on a date. I get inspiration from different philosophies, but stoicism is my favorite,” he said. While some simply consider them treats at the end of a meal, others take these cookies quite literally.

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