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AI for Custom Bed Time Stories?

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What, were you raised by robots?

A tech worker urges moms and dads to choose the “easier” alternative of getting ChatGPT to get kids to sleep, plan their birthday parties and even help with homework.

Celia Quillain, 31, of Atlanta, is coaching parent-of-the-year candidates on using the language model to make their lives easier through its “ability to ideate and just be creative.”

For instance it can ease “the pain of getting children to bed” by drafting a customizable bedtime story.

“You can include your child’s name to the story and use the AI to create a life lesson that they need to learn, about sharing for instance, but [the program] makes it engaging and fun because your kid can contribute to storytime as well.”

ChatGPT can do a great job with story time for children.
“You can ask the child: Who do you want to be in this story and who are the characters?”

Still, it’s important to fact-check answers, as programs like ChatGPT often create false information or citations, a kink of the tech that designers have yet to work out.

Quillain “would absolutely recommend that parents get involved with AI.” She urged, “Give it a try. Experiment with it and learn how it can help you and them.”

And the moral of the story is……

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