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Advent Calendars with Some Heat

Hot Sauces. Sweet Chilli, Mayo And Ketchup Bottles. Wasabi, Must
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This year’s National Advent Calendar Day falls on Wednesday, November 2.True to form, Aldi will be releasing 25 different calendars in its stores throughout the United States.

In addition to returning faves like the Wine Advent Calendar — which has 24 different bottles of wine behind its little cardboard doors

— the Beer Advent Calendar,

and the Emporium Selection Cheese Advent Calendar,

there are three new calendars making their debut this year.

Perhaps the most exciting addition to the lineup is the Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar which is filled with 24 individual .84-ounce bottles of hot sauce that cover a range of heat from gentle to Ghost Pepper.

The calendar includes four different chipotle pepper sauces (including an intriguing Chocolate Chipotle version), three Habanero sauces, two jalapeño pepper sauces and (thankfully) one Sriracha sauce.

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