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Adopt the Red Plate Tradition

Empty Red Plate Dish With A Christmas Cap And Cutlery On A Blue

If you want to honor someone in your family try using a red plate.

The Red Plate was an honored tradition from the early American families and has been carried on for generations.  Back then, when someone deserved special recognition or attention, they were served on the ‘red plate’.

The Red Plate Tradition is carried on today as a simple reminder of those who mean so much to us and that the events in their lives are meaningful to us.  Use the ‘red plate’ to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, praise a job well done, reward goals achieved, for special triumphs, good grades, promotions, adoption days, when someone is feeling blue and just because your special.   And you can set the ‘red plate’ out for guests when they come for dinner to make them feel special too.

 The Red Plate becomes cherished and passed from generation to generation.

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