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Adele marks fifth anniversary of Grenfell Tower fire, calls for “truth, justice and change”


Tuesday marked the fifth anniversary of the deadly Grenfell Tower Fire, in which 72 people in a 24-story London apartment building perished in 2017 and many others injured.  Adele marked the somber occasion by reminding fans that those responsible for the deaths have not yet been held accountable.

Retweeting a post by Grenfell United, which is comprised of survivors and family members of the victims seeking justice, the Grammy winner again urged her followers to support their cause.

“I stand with the Grenfell families. Follow @GrenfellUnited and join their campaign for truth, justice and change,” she wrote.  

The organization declared Tuesday, “For 5 years we’ve had to endure a justice system that protects the powerful. A system that prevents justice. Whilst this system exists, we face the same unachievable battle as the many before us.”

“They left us to search for answers, they mocked us publicly. Now, they stand in the way of justice,” the organization continued in a follow-up post. “We must pave a new way forward.”

Grenfell United says the building’s owners, who reportedly didn’t maintain the exterior to code, and the fire service, which didn’t evacuate the building’s residents quickly enough, should be held accountable for their failures.  In addition, the group is demanding the inquiry made the day following the 2017 be released.  

The Grenfell Tower fire is one of the deadliest structural fires in U.K. history.

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