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Adam Lambert recalls feeling like “a fish out of water” when he first entered the music industry

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Adam Lambert has found his stride in the music industry, but he admits that wasn’t always the case.  He says he felt like “a fish out of water” when he first stepped into the limelight.

Speaking to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the “If I Had You” singer recalled his American Idol journey and spoke about how much has changed in the nearly 15 years since he placed second.

“I’m not trying to virtue signal. I’ve been a queer person who entered the music industry as a fish out of water,” said Adam.  “It’s interesting to now, over a decade later, just shift up the work environment and make everyone feel represented and comfortable.”

Adam recalled that his background in theater and the auditioning process might be the reason why he is a household name.  When he first auditioned before Simon CowellRandy JacksonPaula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi, he decided to perform Michael Jackson‘s “Rock with You.”

“They looked at me and squinted and didn’t say much. That was not a good sign. I’d been doing theater for ages. I knew my way around an audition,” he remarked. “So I gave them something else. That something else was Queen‘s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ I read the room. The rest is history.”

While Adam ultimately was runner up during his season on Idol, he said he was given something better than a win.  “There has been a core group of fans that have been with me since the beginning,” he explained. “I recognize them at shows. I know everyone’s face. It feels safe, like a family reunion or family holiday. I still feel very flattered and humbled.”

He also teased his forthcoming album.  “It will be a concept album in the tradition of Tommy or Jesus Christ Superstar,” he said. “Fans will be in for a treat.”

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