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About #RIPJimmyFallon

LOS ANGELES - MAR 11:  Jimmy Fallon arrives at the "Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon asks Elon Musk about # trend on Twitter.

Jimmy Fallon is NOT dead, despite a viral hashtag, #RIPJimmyFallon, that is spreading like wildfire on Twitter.

Overnight, the trend really saw a peak when a user began circulating an image of fellow late night talk show host, James Corden, with the caption, “Gone but not forgotten. Rest easy king 🕊🥀 Sept 19, 1974-Nov 15, 2022 #RIPJimmyFallon” There is no truth to any of this, but it got the Internet talking anyway.

Finally, Jimmy himself had to comment on the hashtag as so many people believed he had tragically passed.

Jimmy actually asked for Elon Musk‘s help in getting the hashtag removed as a trend, as it has been circulating false information.

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