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A PNW Thirty-Something’s Guide To Self-Care Resolutions [NAILS]

Stained Glass Nail Art

I am not an expert. At anything. Can you tell I struggle with “selling myself,” in an interview setting?  In the years before the internet, it was a lot easier to assert yourself as an “Expert,” or the “Best”. Now, we compete with the entire world. In real time. At EVERYTHING. Can you believe, “Self-care” is even a thing? I can’t. BUT, there are experts and I am NOT one. I am one of YOU: A human fumbling through life; attempting to appear less clumsy today than I did yesterday.   Because my birthday in in January, I skip the Jan 1st resolution deadline and aim for Jan 19. This year is about Self-Care. Step 1: NAILS I’m getting my nails done at least once a month. That may seem banal. BUT, after spending multiple decades on this earth I have YET to maintain my manicured paws for more than 6 consecutive months. I often fall off in summer as I proudly let the acrylics fall off, opting for the short and natural “Gardener’s Nails.” Dirt-Under-Nail was a badge of honor for me, for years. I’m don’t think anything has changed. I STILL like the soil stained testament to a weekend of honest yard work. However, I also like INSTAGRAM. I like posting elaborate nail photos replete with original designs and ornamentation. I WANT to be the person who sees the Refinery 29 feature and goes and gets the trendy art. Yes, nail design is ART. Fight me.


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Now, as interesting as my hands are…My feet are not professionally groomed. I’m not trying to blow my last 3 years of Debt-Reduction-Resolutions. NOT doing self care was REALLY hard. STEP 2: SKIN We’ll talk about that next time. It’s a lot. LOL In the meantime, follow me AND WARM on Instagram 😉 @WARM1069 @HeatherLeeMD