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A Not So Pretty Penny

Many Shiny And Dull Copper Us Pennies Piled Together
Photo Credit: Bigstock

Months after resigning from his job a Georgia man received his final weeks pay… in greasy, oily pennies.


Now Mr. Flaten is spending his nights slaving over a plethora of pennies rinsing them so he can actually turn them in for a better form of cash.

His former employer just dropped them off at the end of the driveway with a pay stub on top of the penny pile.

One final insult wasn’t enough… in a TV interview Miles Walker, owner of the auto shop called Andreas a “weenie”.

“This is a childing thing to do” remarked Flaten.

Hopefully in that massive penny pyramid he finds some treasures worth more than 1 cent.

We’re (penny) pullin’ for ya Andreas!