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A Joint Release from The Bite of Seattle, Seafair, Seattle Seahawks, The Seattle Mariners, Sounders FC, The Seattle Storm, and the WA State Fair



We, the organizers and teams of some of the Northwest’s favorite summer events, sports, and activities, implore you, our fans and patrons, to follow local government calls to stay at home.  What you do over the next few weeks can either help or hinder the return of some of your favorite events.  We don’t know how long it will take to flatten the curve, but what you do now could help save celebrations and entertainment for the Puget Sound Region.

While home, stay home.  If you must venture out, only do so for food, medicine, or defined essential work.  If out for needed exercise, please follow social distancing guidelines.  Wash your hands often and refrain from touching your face.  The small steps that you take now could help stop this virus for you, your neighbors, and your community.

When the emergency has passed and our social interaction returns to normal, all events will be an important part of the recovery, providing people with a sense of community, local pride and the opportunity to return to the kinds of social interaction that build and maintain strong neighbors and communities.  After a long period of isolation, our communities are going to need live interaction, connection, and celebration more than ever. 

Help us flatten the curve that could help your favorite event and sport return.