Ariel was celebrating her 30th birthday with a trip to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

It’s in NYC, she saw a swan that was not able to fly or walk.
She took it upon herself to carry the 17-pound-swan to the Wild Bird Fund.
She took her jacket off and wrapped the swan and headed to the nearest subway.
She was surprised as geese can be aggressive but this one just didn’t move.
Ariel says even though she lives in a concrete jungle,

she is surrounded by nature and wildlife.

The New York Daily News later reported that the bird was suffering from lead toxicity,

as  well as a bacterial or fungal infection.

The director of the Wild Bird Fund, says, “She looks pretty good but she doesn’t want to move much.

She has a nice big cage, and she has a buddy, another swan to keep her company.”

See Ariel and her Christmas goose: HERE

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