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A Big Step Forward From COVID-19 Lock-Downs!

Young people shopping in the mall in front of a fashion shop
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood becomes the first mall in King or Snohomish counties to reopen!  I’m not even a “mall guy” and I’m excited!!


There are some new rules in place.  They’re only open at a reduced capacity, hours are pretty restricted (11a-7p) too so they can scrub clean every night and they’ve removed many of the seats in the food court area.

Not ALL stores are open… but it’s a big step, almost a symbolic step forward after all of the Coronavirus closures.

I’m not much of a mall person… but I like to race the mall walkers.  Ready, set, go!!  I go whippin’ by on one of these…


I hope these are back!  Pssst:  They rent them in between the candy store and the Lego store!