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A $4K coffee machine? $80 candle? What else can’t Rob Thomas live without?

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If you were curious about what helps Rob Thomas tick, you’re in luck. The “Unwell” singer shared a surprising list of items he cannot live without.

New York magazine spoke to the Matchbox Twenty frontman about his necessities, which range from a $6 jar of peanut butter — which isn’t all that much considering today’s grocery store prices — to a $4,000 coffee maker.

On the more-affordable side of things, Rob loves Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter, saying, “I’m a grazer. I like to grab a spoon and just get a little bit of peanut butter.” Here’s hoping he doesn’t double dip!   

He also has a penchant for a $8 bar of honey blossom soap by Chartreuse & Co., saying he was first turned on to it after visiting a specialty shop in Westchester, New York. He said after he showered with it for the first time, “All day long I was smelling my arm.” Rob’s wife, Marisol Maldonado, was also obsessed with how he smelled. He cheekily added, “If your significant other is more attracted to you because of the soap, then you just buy as much of that soap as you can.”

Other items on the list are a $20 touchscreen display cleaner, a $15 bottle of Vocal Eze spray — an obvious essential because Rob says he has to protect his golden vocal cords — and an $18 tube of Kiehl’s brushless shave cream.  

As for the more bougie items, Rob loves his $4,281 JURA Z8 coffee machine, adding that he drinks “four, maybe five cups of coffee a day.”

He also likes the $80 Diptyque Roses Candle because, to him, it smells like home.

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