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68% Of Us Eat Food We Don’t Like On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Celebration Dinner Set
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A recent study by the Harris Poll suggests that a majority of us eat things at Thanksgiving that we may not necessarily care for… CLICK HERE for the poll details


I get it.  The holidays either inspire us to try new things… or you simply want to be nice to the folks that made the meal.

I can’t do cranberry sauce, when it comes out of the can the same shape, insert “green faced” emoji here.

I also can’t do Green Bean Casserole… I take that back… I can eat the fried onions of the TOP of Green Bean Casserole but the mushroom soup that binds it all together?  Once again: Insert “green faced” emoji.

Oh, and squash… I DON’T do squash.

Keep scrolling for some VERY important Thanksgiving food safety so that WHEN you eat something you may not care for… at least you won’t spend the rest of Thanksgiving in the rest room.

From ALL of us at Warm 106.9, Seattle’s Christmas Station, have an incredibly happy Thanksgiving!