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60 Year Old Weather Record Broken As Scorching Temperatures Hit Seattle

According to the National Weather Service, Seattle is in for a “prolonged, very warm spell.” Mid-July saw temperatures peak at a record-breaking 93F and forecasters are predicting more of the same over the coming days. As a result of Seattle anticipating a stretch of 90F temperatures, the city has been hit with a heat advisory issue. But, how does this record breaker compare to others in Seattle?

Summer sun 

High temperatures in Seattle aren’t as an uncommon occurrence as you may think. Last year, the city enjoyed blistering temperatures in the 90’s on eight occasions. Meanwhile, weather service data reports that 2015 saw 12 days of these highs. However, July 15 was the first time this year that the nation enjoyed the smouldering heat – and it even fell on the weekend. Although, not all areas enjoyed such balmy weather, as Copalis Beach peaked at a much more comfortable 66 degrees.

A record-breaker 

The last time July 15 was bathed in record temperatures was in 1958, where Seattle-Tacoma International Airport hit 92 degrees. However, this is nowhere near the hottest temperature ever recorded in the city. This happened on July 29 2009 when temperatures peaked at 103F. Prior to this, 100F was recorded on July 16 1941 and again on July 20 1994. In fact, of the 12 hottest days ever recorded in Seattle, six of them have fallen in July.

Upcoming weather

Forecasters are predicting that the hot weather will continue over the coming days and weeks and that highs of 90F will remain. Of course, the weather is notoriously known for being unpredictable. Therefore, if you want to stay abreast of the latest conditions in Seattle, consider installing a home weather station outside of your home. These devices will update you on the weather in your desired location no matter where you are. Additionally, the latest weather reports on your local radio station will ensure you don’t miss the latest weather-related news.

Seattle has been lucky with its weather of late and these glorious conditions look set to stay. As a result of soaring temperatures, the weather in the city has even broken a record which has been held for 60 years. With forecasters predicting more of the same over the coming days, be sure to stay safe and keep an eye and an ear out for the latest forecast.

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