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Dreamy Car Dates

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50 years ago this statement would’ve been scandalous!

Dreamy dates and fun things to do in your car this fall with your SO

If you are like me I had to ask what SO was, yeah, duh, significant other.

And apparently Fall is the time people fall (get it?) in love, I always thought

it was Spring, twitterpated and all!

All in All these fun car dating activities take away some of the bigger risks

you might face doing other activities while trying to social distance.

1. Take A Scenic Drive For Some Stunning Views And Pics

2. Rock Out In Your Car At A Drive-In Concert

3. Plan A Car Parade For A Special Occasion

4. Camp Out In Your Trunk For A Morning Sunrise Or Evening Sunset

5. Adventure Through A Light Show

6. Put On Your Matching (or magic) Jerseys And Tailgate In Your Driveway

7. Plan A Takeout Crawl To Some Of Your Favorite Places

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