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5 Ways We Violate Our Children’s Boundaries Without Even Realizing It

Protecting Personal Boundaries And Freedom. Woman And Man Feel E

Children can be irrational, emotionally-driven little humans.

Their cognitive minds are still developing, and everything grown-ups do and say — or don’t do and say — is internalized as a personal flaw, a direct blow to the tender core of their developing self-esteem.

1. Projecting insecurities about our lack of control

2. Imposing our views of worth and success

3. Solving their problems for them

4. Invalidating their boundaries

5. Prioritizing our need for their approval

Kids who are not used to hearing no, and who are not held responsible for their actions tend to grow up egocentric and inconsiderate of the needs of others.

Parenting can feel like walking a high wire while blindfolded in a rainstorm.

We are constantly grasping for balance and know we could lose our balance at any time.

However, when we set up boundaries for ourselves so we don’t overstep, when we commit to self-work, and nurture our own childhood traumas into healing, the going gets easier.

The wire grows thicker and eventually becomes the solid ground of clarity and common sense we need to raise kind, responsible people with healthy self-esteem.

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