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5 Obnoxious Things Ladies Do on First Dates

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Guilty? Not Guilty?

What bugs you most on a first date?

This simple, concrete question usually yields vastly different answers when men and women each reveal what bugs them most about their date’s behavior. Women are usually more analytical (read: critical) when it comes to dating behavior that irks them — choice of dress, mannerisms, choice of entrees, quality of good night kiss, etc. The list goes on.

This is because women are more emotional and expressive, so their first impressions are formed by nuances like body language and mannerisms. Very often, an otherwise good date will end (with no chance for a second) because she did not like the way he kissed her goodnight or held her hand.

Men, on the other hand, being less demonstrative, are usually less forthcoming when asked what turned them off about their dates.

Here are 5 obnoxious things women do on a first date (that turn men off):

1. Lateness

 2. Rudeness

3. Too much talking, not enough listening

4. Texting

5. Playing coy

The bottom line is ladies … on a date, it’s not just his job to make a great first impression, it’s your job, as well. So show him a little interest, kindness, and respect, the same as you’d want to be shown to you.

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