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46% KEEP New Year’s Resolutions for 6 Months!

How do you feel about New Year’s Resolutions?

Approx. 45% of us intend to make a change, 8% of us keep it up for the entire year. I’m hearing a lot of negativity about the odds. I disagree.

I’m VERY happy with those odds. I mean, it’s MORE likely you’ll keep your resolution than:

  • Win the lottery
  • Date your celebrity crush
  • Build a working time machine…Well, maybe not the time machine thing. I don’t know your skill set. 

I think we get too hung up on the time frame. I mean, 46% of us KEEP our resolutions for 6 months! Why isn’t THAT more often the headline?

Yes, almost HALF of us are successful for 6 months. Now THOSE are excellent odds.

  • Weight Loss: If your goal is to lose 2lbs/week you have a 46% chance to be more than 50lbs lighter in 2019. (Even if you don’t lose an ounce after July.)
  • Exercise: Imagine walking just 1 mile/day. In less than 4 months you’ll have logged 100+ miles!
  • Debt: Maybe you pick up a weekend job. At $100/week, in 6 months you’ll be $2,600. closer to your goal. (Plus the interest that debt was accumulating.)

Are you any more OPTIMISTIC? 

You can do it! Whatever “It” is. Even if you’re looking to build a functional time machine to play the lottery (with winning numbers) and ask out your celebrity crush the moment before they become famous 🙂 Because, seriously, goals aren’t fun unless they’re a challenge.



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