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40% Of You Would Rather Watch TV With Your Dog

Smiling Man With Remote Control Watching Tv And Sitting On Sofa
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The study says that 70% of dog owners get their dog comfortable before starting the show.

72% of those polled get a snack ready for their furry companions.

Some pet owners even “say they move to give their dog their spot or

let their dog lay on them even if they can’t see the TV.”

Of that 40% of dog owners who prefer to watch television with their dogs rather than their partner,

friends, or children, 57% of them wait for their dogs to be in the room before starting a show or movie.

The Rover study also states that two-thirds of dog owners leave their TVs on

when they leave the house, while 80% claim that their dogs bark and react

to TV shows and movies at different times.

A lot of people have been spending more and more time indoors because of the pandemic,

so some dogs might be sick of their owners at the moment.

There’s no way of actually polling dogs to get that data, but it seems to make sense!

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