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32 Hour Work Week In Washington State?

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A Washington state senator may have a cure for those back-to-work blues.

The idea by Sen. Joe Nguyen, (D)-White Center, is to create a 32-hour workweek which he said will benefit both businesses and their employees.

The basic concept of SB 6516 is to have people work for four days and then have three days off, with anything more to be paid as overtime.

KOMO News found one business owner who is already doing part of it.

Lexxi Lovell loves her store in downtown Olympia but she also cherishes her time off.

As a result, she and her co-owners already limit their shifts to 32 hours a week.

Experiments with four-day workweeks have shown some recent success.

Microsoft Japan gave employees every Friday off over the course of five weeks and found that productivity shot up 40 percent.

Workers in the Netherlands average about 29 hours a week. Several years ago, Hawaii and Utah also tried versions of a shortened workweek.

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