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3 in 4 Say Owning a Pet is Attractive

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Forget the “lonely cat lady” stereotype: a new poll suggests that when it comes to romance, cat owners are doing just fine, if not better.

In a recent comparison of 1,000 Americans who own cats and 1,000 who don’t, the survey found that marriage rates among both groups were essentially the same (79%).

What’s more, cat owners were actually slightly more likely to be involved in relationships (92% vs 89%) than non-cat owners.

And half of feline-deficient singles claimed to be uninterested in dating to begin with, compared to only one in three cat fanciers.

Even still, 40 percent of cat owners polled said they’d still be willing to date someone who didn’t like cats – although an “open hatred of cats” proved the top deal breaker among that same group.

Being allergic to cats is also a bigger issue than you might think – while not surprisingly, 41 percent of cat owners cited it as a problem, so did 32 percent of those without cats.

Interestingly, cat owners seemed slightly more willing to consider a romantic partner who didn’t have a job – only 34 percent described it as a deal breaker, compared to 40 percent of non-cat owners.

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