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7 Rules for Taking Kids to Concerts

Crowd on rock concert

The summer concert season is in full swing.

Wiith school out for the next few months, it’s probably crossed your mind that the time has finally come for your kids to experience their first Foo Fighters show.

While there’s no evidence that instilling in them a love of live music will make your kids smarter, it can boost their creativity and help regulate their emotions. But as someone who’s been to his share of concerts and festivals solo, it is already hard enough to navigate long waits in the parking lot and at the concession stand and deal with fans in various states of inebriation dancing in the aisles. To guide my two kids through the melee seems overwhelming.

But cool moms and dads somehow pull this off every summer. There are the obvious ways to safeguard children during a show, including protecting their hearing with earplugs and having a plan should the two of you get separated. Here are other tips to help you, your kids, and even those around you get the most from the live music experience.

Skip the Opener

Let them know what to expect from the crowd

Pick the right seat

Consider those behind you

Don’t worry (too much) about them getting a contact high

Leave a snack in the car

Maybe don’t take them

 If you still want your kids to gain an appreciation for the art form, critic Steven Hyden at Uproxx offers some alternatives:

“The best you can do is make music available to your child. Play it around the house. Make fun mixes for the car. Make music something that your kid can choose to participate in. Because you can’t control what your kid likes. Besides, what your kid likes right now won’t be what your kid likes six months from now.”

Details: HERE

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