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Looking for a Job?

Red warning flag at the beach

With a job offer and decent salary at the employer’s disposal, it can be easy to forget that a job interview is a two-way process.

The top 15 red flags among  job seekers

1. Bad Glassdoor reviews
2. Poor answers to questions
3. “You’ll be wearing many hats”
4. Clothing with the company logo
5. Suggesting you sign the contract immediately
6. Saying their employees like overtime
7. “Work hard, play hard”
8. Dodging questions about pay
9. Asking “what clients you can bring?”
10. Undercutting salary offer
11. Suggesting work over weekends
12. Condescending tone
13. “We’re like family here”
14. Poor explanations of the training process
15. Asking bad questions

 All the details: HERE

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