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Cry Me a Cockroach

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The San Antonio Zoo is hosting a fundraiser where you can name a cockroach after an ex, a boss, or a former best friend and feed it a zoo animal.

It’s the “Cry Me A Cockroach” fundraiser event again for Valentine’s Day where you can symbolically name a vegetable, rodent, or cockroach after a former special someone or bad boss that will be fed to an animal!

Donations come in $5.00, $10.00, and $25.00 amounts and receive a digital downloadable Valentine’s Day card. The “Not-so-Special” Someone will receive a Valentine’s Day card informing them that a veggie, cockroach, or rodent was named after them.

Of course, an upgraded donation of $150.00 will include a video being sent to the individual showing the veggie, cockroach, or rodent being fed to one of the animals!

For more information or to donate to the “Cry me A Cockroach” Fundraiser by CLICKING HERE!

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