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America’s Favorite NFL Mascot


A mascot can say a lot about a team.

While some make perfect sense (like Staley Da Bear, for the Chicago Bears), others can be a little out there (cough cough…Brownie the Elf for the Cleveland Browns, or Sourdough Sam for the 49ers).

But no matter how ridiculous some may be, fans fully embrace the mascot of their favorite NFL team

But which mascots are the most beloved? To find the answer, we went straight to the source: NFL fans.

We asked over 1,000 fans to rank their favorite mascots across the league.

We also asked which mascots are the worst, which are the most disliked, and which are just downright obnoxious.

Most Beloved:

First: Los Angeles Rams Rampage

Second: Philadelphia Eagles Swoop

Third: Seattle Seahawks Blitz

Full List: HERE

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