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We are Feeling Good Only 47% of the Time

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Feeling good is becoming an increasingly rare commodity these days, according to a new survey.

In a poll of 2,000 people in the United Kingdom, it turns out adults truly feel good — both mentally and physically — less than half of the time (47%).

One in four respondents say they deal with anxiety at least once per week, and 40 percent battle muscle aches on most days. On an especially depressing note, just under six in 10 (57%) say they rarely feel “on top of their game” physically. Another 61 percent have simply accepted that aches and pains are part of their daily life.

The poll, put together by MyVybe, also asked respondents why they think they’re in such bad shape.

The top answers included not exercising enough, a poor diet, and “not having enough hours in a day.”

“It is hard to be 100 per cent at all times and there will be things that bring us down.

Especially as we get older, aches and strains and sniffles seem to seek us out more easily than when we were younger.

It might also be a case of looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses as many youngsters also report similar issues.

There are so many different ways we need to look after ourselves – both mentally and physically – that it can be a full-time job just staying on top of it.

The good news?  We can do something about it!!! 

Work on changing your diet and eating more healthy food

Drink more water

Get more sleep

Think more positive thoughts – Jon Acuff “Soundtracks”

Hire a coach

Look into supplements

Let’s feel good 80% of the time? 

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