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20 Surprising Tips that Adults Wish They Could Tell Their Younger Selves

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Growing older brings knowledge and wisdom that most people did not possess in their younger years.

And with that new wisdom comes life lessons that people sometimes wish they could go back and tell their younger selves.

A recent study of 2,000 adults found that many would love nothing more than to give their younger selves some smart and useful tips.

1. Be more confident

2. Try not to care what other people think

3. Don’t let opportunities pass you by

4. Look after your physical health

5. Don’t waste time with negative people

6. Learn from your mistakes

7. Save 10% of your wages every month

8. Eat healthy

9. Go on all the vacations you can

10. Invest in property early

11. Don’t settle

12. Relax and enjoy the ride

13. Look after your mental health

14. Spend more time with your parents

15. Celebrate the little wins

16. Take more risks

17. Don’t be afraid of dating rejection

18. Always be there for your friends

19. Take more photos

20. Be disciplined with your time

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The study is part of a “Future You will thank you” campaign, which focuses on making good choices today to make a “future self” proud.

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