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The Cat’s Meow

Skeptic Surprised Cat Thinking  Dont Know What To Do, Big Eyes C

Cats often get accused of being much less personable than dogs.

While they tend to be much more independent than their canine counterparts,

a new study finds there’s much more to a cat’s personality than meets the eye.

A team from the University of Helsinki say they’ve identified seven distinct personality

and behavioral traits which cats display regularly.

  • Activity/playfulness
  • Fearfulness
  • Aggression towards humans
  • Sociability towards humans
  • Sociability towards cats
  • Litterbox issues (relieving themselves in inappropriate places or displaying poor litterbox cleanliness)
  • Excessive grooming

If you think cats can be difficult to get along with in their own homes,

scientists say don’t even think about trying this study in a lab.

The Finnish team opted to survey owners at home, noting that cats don’t necessarily

behave like themselves when you take them out of their comfortable environments.

Full Story: HERE

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