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Parents are becoming more comfortable with sharing their children in the online world, but is it safe?

Parents of today are living in a different world than their parents did,

and an online presence continues to be more important than ever.

However, there are risks to this as well.

According to Security, the Wall Street Journal was the first to use the term “sharenting” back in 2012.

This act may have become so “normal,” that the risks of it can be barely recognizable.

When Security did a survey about the habits of parents online,

it found that over 80% of parents used their children’s real names.

Why wouldn’t they? They assume their pages are just for their families and friends, however,

8 in 10 parents said that they noticed they have followers that they have never met.

It is important to talk about privacy settings on social media apps because these are what gives parentsthe feeling of safety when it comes to posting about their children online.

Watch The Details:

If you want to share pictures and information of your children online,

keep the details vague or out altogether.

Another large concern is back to school.

Ask for permission.

Consent is a very important topic that all moms are teaching their children

Asking your child what you can, or cannot,post online about them lets them know that they are respected and it helps them

be an active part of their digital presence online.