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A Gift Card Rather Than A Ticket

Police officer has pulled over a motorist and is using his flash

In West Virginia Police are spreading holiday cheer by giving away gift cards instead of tickets.

The Fraternal Order of Police bought $500 worth of Chick-fil-A gift cards  and donated

them to the South Charleston Police Department to  give out ahead of the holidays.

Lt. Robert Yeager said police are pulling over people who violate traffic laws.

The police are then explaining to them what the violation was,

and instead of giving a fine, the driver gets a $10 gift card.

“Usually people aren’t too happy when you pull them over,

but to put a smile on someone’s face like that, it’s a good feeling,” Ptlm. Justin Morris said.

Getting pulled over is a stressful situation for anyone,

but driver Rick Jerrett can attest it was a nice outcome this time.

“Well, I didn’t stop all the way at a stop sign, but this is so good.

They did a nice job and this is a much better outcome than I thought,” he said.

This did not happen to me when I got pulled over!!! I’m just sayin’.

Full Story: HERE

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