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Pups In Space~Well In The Air

Girl in wheelchair with service dog indoors
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Pilots volunteeting to transport service pups for training.

Since travel bans and social distancing guidelines have been installed

due to the outbreak of COVID-19,

commercial flights Canine Companions normally rely on to transport

the precious and hardworking puppies have become too unpredictable.

Canine Companions partnered with pilots Martyn Lewis, Josh Hochberg,

and Jeff Stewart at Sonoma Jet Center for their latest puppy transport.

“Disability doesn’t disappear in times of crisis,” she said.

There are currently 400 people waiting for service dogs from Canine Companions.

“If we were to put everything on hold, those people are going to wait longer for their assistance dogs.

Full Story and ADORABLE pics: HERE

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