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Thieves Steal Swedish Crown Jewels And Escape By Boat

Thieves Steal Swedish Crown Jewels and Escape by Boat. 

What is this, an episode of Leverage?

Seriously…and WHO are these Thieves?

Anyone who’s watched realistic crime drama knows it’s IMPOSSIBLE to unload stuff like that unless you have a wealthy private collector interested, essentially, catalyzing the heist.

Ooooh, unless it was some Fraternity initiation? It could be some elite Ivy League fellows executing an elaborate rouse to get into the real life Skulls. (I have fond memories of that movie…)

Maybe it’s a jilted royal side-piece. An almost-insider, who feels entitled to more than just illicit meetings in the cover of darkness.

OR…a dog? When all else fails, blame and shame the dog.

Regardless, what is this 1522? Don’t get me wrong, I love all things yesteryear. In FACT, you could WIN passes to The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire! It’s super easy, Login & Listen on the APP or STREAM! You know that’s like your super-highway to winning, right?! Legit.

This entire situation has me jonesing for a Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves re-watch.

I’m imaging the epic movie soundtrack and applying it to this recent robbery. As the thieves run, narrowly avoiding flying arrows and cannons, Bryan Adams’ “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” is choreographed to their slow-motion steps. Perhaps, before reaching their get-away boat, one of the culprits stop to steal a passionate embrace from a maiden on the shore. A maiden…carrying…bread. Meanwhile, on a private island, the wealthy private collector receives notice via carrier pigeon that the heist was a success and the jewels are en route.  He leans back in his opulent chair, strokes his villainous mustache and laughs in a way that makes us all very uncomfortable.

Yes. This is how I envision everything going down.

And until otherwise accounted, it IS.



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