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$1400 Jeans? About $1399.99 Too Much

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - 27th November 2019 : View Of T
Photo Credit: Bigstock user Marlon Trottmann

Gucci, you know the high fashion line, would sure like to drive a wedge between you and your hard earned cash.  These jeans, fresh on the market, are for people with more money than… well… brains.

Give me $100 I’ll pick up some Levi’s at Fred Meyer, drive to Gasworks Park and I’ll roll down the big hill everybody watches the fireworks from in ’em.  Bam… same effect.  Then you can take the $1300 you’ve just saved and give the kids and awesome Christmas.

Seriously… who do you think will actually buy these things?  First name that popped into my head is Haley Baldwin or a Kardashian.

One time when I was 8 I left a crayon in a pocket, went through the washer and dryer and made for a pretty neat effect all over my clothes my mom wasn’t extraordinarily happy about.

But I think I’m on to something here.

Anybody got Gucci’s number?  Twitter handle?  Email address?