12K Tip For 89 Year Old Pizza Delivery Man

89-year-old Derlin Newey always greets his customers with “Hello! Are you looking for some pizza?”

Newey’s enthusiasm for his job recently won the heart of Carlos Valdez —

and after Valdez shared Newey’s joy with his TikTok followers,

they fell in love too, so much so that they banded together to raise $12,000 for him.

Valdez’s friendship with Newey began on Sept. 14, when he first shared a video to TikTok

of Newey delivering a pizza to his home in Roy, Utah and chatting for several minutes about the neighborhood.

The comments from his 61,000 followers were extremely positive and when several people suggested

a “Venmo challenge” to raise money for Newey, Valdez happily accepted.

“Somebody at that age should not be working that much,” he told KSL of Newey’s 30 hours-a-week gig.

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Youtube Video: HERE

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