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100 Cards for 100th Birthday

Moscow, Russia - May 09, 2019: Russian Military Aircrafts Fly In
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The coronavirus pandemic forced one family to scrap its plans for a big party to celebrate their World War II veteran’s 100th birthday.

Here is how you can help.

Instead, they’re now inviting the community to help celebrate his milestone in a big –

by sending him 100 birthday cards to mark the occasion.

It’s been 75 years, but Marshall Soria remembers many details

from experience in World War II.

He remembers the moment it was clear the Nazis

had been defeated. Russian planes were moving in,

arriving in Germany.

Consider it a tribute, to a life well-lived.

He credits his longevity to: “The Good Lord, and hard work.”

You can mail cards to:

Marshall V. Soria

2773 N. Hayes

Fresno, CA 93723

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