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10 Things to Know for Your First Kid’s First Year in College

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Like so many parenting milestones, you can listen to all the stories, read all the books, posts and articles you get your hands on and make as many plans as you can. But nothing truly prepares you until you experience it for yourself.

Pamela Brill’s first kid headed off to college, and she is still questioning her parenting skills.

Since then, she has taken stock of what has happened — the good and the bad — and is ready to admit that it wasn’t quite what she expected.

Here’s her take on freshman year, and the lessons we learned that will come in handy for those just starting their journeys.

My kid brought too much stuff … and things she’ll never use.

Dorm life isn’t what it used to be.

Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but it’s something you’ll learn to master.

Care packages are still cool.

Parenting from a distance is tough.

Your texts may go unanswered — and that’s OK.

You’ll feel happy and sad … sometimes all at once.

Finding “your people” can take a while.

This is your kid’s college experience, not yours.

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