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10 Good April Fools Pranks For Kids to Prank!

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Text pranks are the coolest things, but only if you know how to pull them off effortlessly.

So, we have got some pretty good April fool pranks over text for you.

We are not “Recommending” these but maybe it will stir some fun ideas?

1. The Suspense

The biggest prank is to create a situation of utter tension and suspense and just tell your friend that you know something about them. Then, let it be and switch off your phone or turn off your Wifi for a while.

Check it after an hour, and you will have more than 20 text messages for sure. Just write that you did not expect it from them and they disappear again. You can continue with such suspenseful texts, and your friend will literally flip out, trust us.

2. The News

Some people like to gossip a lot. And if you have such friends, this is the best prank for them. Just text them that you have very big news and something really interesting is going to happen and send them a link.

It is even better if you decide to prank your friend in the middle of the night as it will have more impact. So, the link will either be the photo of a scary ghost or the picture of Pete Davidson dancing and in either way; they will be pretty shocked.

3. The Replacement

If your friend is an iPhone user, things get particularly interesting because there is a feature in the iPhone to replace certain words. So, you can replace some commonly used words with anything they like.

And if they are not familiar with the concept of text replacer, they are never going to figure it out either, and until you tell them that it is a prank, they might stay confused.

4. The Cat Prank

Currently, one of the few most popular April fools text pranks are the cat pranks. Ask your friends what their favorite animal is and then just keep on sending them one fact about cats every hour. Don’t tell them that it is you and see how they react.

Most people get annoyed by constant texts, and it is going to be a pretty good prank when your friend finds out that it was you, annoying them all along.

The rest….

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