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You might dab away a tear or two when you see what Taylor Swift did for this little girl

Just when you thought Taylor Swift couldn’t be any sweeter to her fans, she goes and does this.

Naomi Oakes, a dedicated 11-year-old Swiftie from Arizona, was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and was devastated when she realized her long hospital stay would mean she’d have to miss the Taylor concert she’d been so excited to see.

To try and cheer her up, her dad made a video, which he posted on YouTube, showing his daughter singing Swift’s song “Bad Blood” (Naomi’s new anthem), and asking fellow Swifties to help bring the message to their idol in the hope she might share a #TeamNaomi photo via Instagram. Of course, when the singer got wind of this, she reached out to Naomi, and in this video, you see the overwhelmed girl reading a personal message from Taylor:

But of course Swift sent Naomi much more than just a message; she contributed a whopping $50,000 to the GoFundMe account the family had started to pay for a vital 6 to 9 month in-patient hospital stay for Naomi as she fights the disease.

When you think about all the childish, self-important, entitled, arrogant behavior so many celebrities exhibit, and then you see all the good that Taylor Swift does with her fame and fortune, how can you not admire her and respect her? What a great example she sets.




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