Photo by John Fisher, in the Warm 106.9 break room

Who wants free pie?!

Today is Pi Day — March 14, aka 3/14.

You remember Pi, right? From high school math class? That magical number, usually shortened to 3.14, that actually goes on forever: 3.14159265358 . . . blah blah blah. You get the idea. You probably knew at the time you’d never need it again, except for this one day of the year when Pi means . . . free pie!

I think in years past, Pi Day has leaned more toward actual pie — you know, apple, pumpkin, coconut cream . . . but this year it seems like the other kind of pie is getting lots of attention — pizza. For instance, how about free (pizza) pie for 3.14 years? That’s the prize from Pizza Hut, but you have to be a little bit math-savvy, because you have to answer one of three actual math questions, posted here on the Pizza Hut blog. They’re not easy. (Well, at least not for me. Maybe you can recruit a kid to help you, then cut them in on the prize if you win.) Also, who knew Pizza Hut even had a blog?

Meanwhile, over at your neighborhood Whole Foods, there’s free samples of pie (the sweet kind) and coffee at 3:14pm this afternoon, and they’ll sell whole apple, cherry or blueberry pies for $4.99, or $1.99 a slice. (I think that makes the entire pie a better deal, right? You bet it does.)

Here are more Pi Day deals, from Papa John’s, Domino’s, and more.

Enjoy your Pi Day . . . and Pie Day!





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