What to Gift on Administrative Professionals Day (list)

What to Gift on Administrative Professionals Day (list)

It’s actually ‘Admin Week‘, but today we’ll take time to appreciate those in the office who likely know the business better than the boss does…lol.  Seriously, these individuals are the center of a strong and successful operation and quite often the ‘go-to’ for just about everything.  We appreciate you!!!!  So, here are a few ideas that your admin(s) will appreciate…

1. Flowers — Flowers make a lovely gift and brighten up anyone’s day (and office). Just be sure to choose a type of flower that doesn’t have a strong fragrance which can overpower the office (and stir up allergies). Also good are plants — they are the gift that survives (hopefully), while the flowers wither away one week later.

2. Breakfast or Lunch — Why not cater breakfast or lunch that day for the admins, or depending on the size of your firm, the whole staff? If there are just a few of you, instead of catering, you can go to a local lunch spot for a nice friendly meal.

3. Tokens of Appreciation — Other nice ideas include chocolates, or spa-related gifts. Just don’t give your admin a fake Oscar that says “Best Admin.” lol…kinda corny :)

4. A Day Off — Who would say no to a paid day off (besides an employer?). If your practice can swing it, give the admins a day off. It doesn’t have to be that day, but they can each choose a different day so as not to affect the running of the firm.

But most of all, don’t forget to say “Thank you!”   – Shellie Hart

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