What are the odds your partner will cheat? Science has the answer!

I hope it doesn’t happen to you, and I hope you don’t do it to someone else. But cheating in relationships happens, and according to Cosmopolitan, you can often spot the telltale signs. They’ve provided “9 Signs Your Partner is Likely to Cheat.”  And in case you’re skeptical, look what it says right at the top of the article: “Based on scientific studies.” See? It’s science!

The Number One sign to watch for — no surprise — is whether or not your partner has cheated in the past:

That’s not to say you shouldn’t give someone a second chance. You just probably shouldn’t be giving them an eighth chance.

Sadly, one red flag is if your partner is a man. Apparently men in general are more likely to cheat than women. On behalf of my entire gender, I apologize.

Or, how about this one. If your partner has a long ring finger, they’re more likely to stray:

A study by the University of Oxford found that people who have longer ring fingers than pointer fingers are more inclined to cheat (it’s a sign of more testosterone exposure in the womb).

Check out all nine signs right here, and keep in mind the hopeful part:

The overall likelihood your partner will physically cheat on you is only around 6 percent.

Remember — it’s science!



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