WEEK 8, Day 56: Wow! Now 24lbs Down…Holla!

DECEMBER 1st, 2014/MONDAY:  I’m so kicking myself right now, for not taking a photo of that first weigh in!  (almost 194lbs).   I remember how ‘angry’ I was that I had let myself get to that point, but then again I’m tall and can carry it without it looking as much as it was.  Well fast forward to today, check it out!

IMG_3273  What, what?!?!?  I’m callin’ it 24lbs down!  Thank you 30/10 Weight Loss For Life!  Oh, and I breezed past the Thanksgiving Day Holiday.  No cravings, even with all the temptations.  I nibbled and tasted the holiday treats and goodness vs. eating until stuffed.  And the best part, I really didn’t even think about it.  My behavior has changed, and I do look at food differently.  The sampling of foods do not get me in trouble, eating more than my body needs does:)

‘By being aware, I know intuitively the right thing to do.”

So needless to say, this THANKSGIVING I’m thankful for 30/10.  My average is about 3.6lbs per week.  Nice.  Now that it’s full on Christmas time my schedule is crazy, and it’s actually easier to be on 30/10 right now with the foods and my ‘prepared’ routine (veggies…and lots of them).  I have a full 3 weeks before I hit the 10 weeks to lose 30lbs.  Confident, this can be done.  Now it’s YOUR turn!  LOL.  Your 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Journey starts (HERE).  I would love to hear about your journey:) – Shellie Hart

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